Secondary School

At this age, children go through various physical, mental, emotional, and social changes. They face elevated expectations, lack of confidence, peer pressure, and stress from challenging schoolwork. However, they also have more ability for complex thoughts and are better at expressing their feelings verbally.

At 5 Steps Academy, our teachers act as both tutors and mentors to cater to each student’s character and personality. We provide a balanced education program in a happy and comfortable environment to help each child reach their greatest potential.

Our Secondary School Program is designed for students aged 11-17 and includes mandatory subjects such as English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Literature in English, Modern History, World History, Art History, Geography, and Health. Optional subjects include Foreign Languages and Computer Science. Students’ achievements are continually assessed, including testing for knowledge and skills, observations, portfolios of work, and analysis of projects. Attitude, learning skills, social relationships, and effort are also considered equally important.

In addition, Mathematics skills are assessed every day by teachers, and English language skills (vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension) are assessed every two months independently by the school Academic Board. Teachers and parents work closely together to discuss each student’s social and academic progress.

Examinations are conducted individually, and students who pass their Grade 10 exams will graduate with a Certificate of Completion and can sit for at least five IGCSE exams. Students must choose at least two Science subjects and one Humanities subject or at least one Science subject and two Humanities subjects. Students may also choose additional subjects from the IGCSE Subject List.

In Grades 11 and 12, students who choose the Cambridge Pathway will prepare for A-levels, while students who select the Pathway US will sit for SAT and AP exams. For more information on our academic courses, please click here.